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I have many hats that I wear. I am a husband and father. I am pastor/teacher at my church. I am part of a team working on a large project at work. I am a friend. I am a budding visionary. I am a writer, an actor, and a director. I am an artist. I am a student of the Bible. I have a brain that comes up with some pretty crazy and interesting ideas, and I have a personality to match. I try to treat all people how I would like to be treated. I strive to be steadfast, immovable in my faith. I seek after the TRUTH, and I believe that it can be found, not just 'from my perspective', but for all people.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008... down to the last few hours....

I just wanted to note for the purpse of this blog where things were when the end of 2008 came. What a year it has been! I just watched the year in review on A-channel. So much has happened in Ottawa, and the world.

We sit on the edge of economic uncertainty. We hear of wars and rumours of wars in the Middle East. Canadian troops are still fighting in Afganistan. The Parliament is prorogued until the New Year.

I have to sit and look at me though. Where have I been through this year? I have seen many people make advances in their lives. I have seen others fall back. I have made my own advances, and have managed to keep the falling back to a minimum. Still through it all I try to focus on God and what He has for me. I still have many ideas of things to do. I still feel like there is a lot to do in the city.

As this new season of 2009 begins, I will hold the course and keep going....

Happy New Year all!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


When it comes to raising kids, I think there is always this fear in the back of our heads as parents that maybe we will do the wrong things. I ran across a quotation that Josh McDowell is famous for:

"Rules without relationship equals rebellion."

In light of the way you observe kids relationship with their parents and in light of what things you observe in your own kids' lives, do you think this quoatation applies? Why or why not? (Sorry to get all English class on you all)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


A few nights ago, Leigh-Anne and I were woken up by our fire alarm. That alone would be a bit unnerving to anyone, but for us especially since the house beside us burned down in October 2007. (See “There’s A Fire. Get Out!” on my Facebook page for more info)

I was a little disoriented when I woke up. At first I thought it was my alarm clock. Then I noticed all the lights on and Leigh-Anne scurrying around. Both kids slept through the whole ordeal. Leigh-Anne went around the house looking around to see what was causing the alarm to go off. She told me later that once she verified that there was no fire in the house, she collapsed in the living room. As it turns out, the fan near Logan’s room had a motor that burned out, and began to smoke. No danger. THE KIDS SLEPT THROUGH IT ALL!

Immediately, once I realized that we were safe, I had an idea to write about. My kids slept through the whole thing. It was loud. It was glaring. It signalled danger. They didn’t know it was something they should respond to.

Maybe you’ve seen those news stories about how the noise from a fire alarm doesn’t register in a child’s mind. They are beginning to make smoke alarms that parent’s are able to record their own voice as the alarm. I have seen the kids have a huge difference in the way they respond.

Now what was my point? I got this idea that my children sleeping through this potential danger was like the way young people are being raised today. There are people telling them about some guy called Jesus. People wonder why some swearword would have any effect on them? Many people today don’t think that there is a standard for right and wrong in our culture. Young people hear mixed messages. They don’t know who Jesus is anymore, or they only get some view of Jesus that is skewed by someone that is angry at Christianity. Young people may hear the words, but they don’t tend (unless they actively try to learn about Jesus) to have a good understanding of Jesus.

We, as followers of Jesus, need to take some time in sharing our faith to really explain why we believe. We can’t just sound the alarm and know that people will wake up from sleeping as the fire burns. They have have to understand that there is an alarm before the fire consumes them.

In the Bible, in the book of Acts, there are two situations. At the beginning of the book, Jesus’ disciples were speaking about Jesus in a culture that had all the foundation of Jewish culture. People had seen the miracles of Jesus. It was fairly easy for people to follow the way of Christ.

But as the book continues, time has passed. We see the Apostle Paul preaching to people that had not been a part of what went on in Jesus' time. They had not seen or heard about the miracles. They were from a different culture. That is were we are now. More and more people don't have Christian roots in their family. We have to teach them, not from, "For God so loved the world", but from, "In the beginning".

People need to know yes, that there is an alarm, and also what the alarm is telling them. Be ready to take the time to sit and answer people's questions. Study the Bible for yourself, so you can be ready when the opportunity comes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Power of a Supporting Husband

Having been married for 9 years now, and after observing several marriages over the years, there are a few things that I strive to do as a husband. I guess, let me start by saying that I have been nowhere near the perfect husband. I have had successes and I have had failures. I have encouraged and discouraged my wife over the years. And I have seen marriages where the men do acts of amazing love, and I have been unfortunate to have seen some men crush their wives. (If I was honest, I would have to say that there have been times where I have been guilty of it too.) So as I write, I'm writing as a husband that strives to be a strong man of God, and as a man that wants to help his wife become the strongest she can be. That means being a cheerleader, and an advisor, and a wall to bounce things off of, and shoulder to cry on, and one to gently motivate in the right direction. It's not easy. Sometimes things just don't fit together. Marriage is about two becoming one... Two people, two wills, two sets of ideas becoming one. It takes time and effort.

Ephesians 5:25-29 says:
For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her to make her holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God’s word. He did this to present her to himself as a glorious church without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Instead, she will be holy and without fault. In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man who loves his wife actually shows love for himself. No one hates his own body but feeds and cares for it, just as Christ cares for the church.

This is like the husband's commission. It has a pretty tall order to it. Husbands are supposed to lay down their lives for their wives.... to consider their needs before their own. It says that as husbands we are supposed to do what Jesus did. He was willing to die for the church (His bride).

The passage also notes that Jesus prepares His bride by the washing in God's Word. As a husband, I do take some responsibility for helping my wife in all that she wants to learn about theologically. We both sort of pushed through the Bible School thing. It was tough, but I know that both of us are better for it now.

Jesus also sent the Holy Spirit to empower and comfort His church when He went back to heaven. As a husband, I see it partly as my role to be a comfort to my wife, and to empower her to do what God has for her. When I see a talent, or a desire to try something new, I encourage her to the best that I can. I have spent a lot of time listening to ideas she has. I do all that I can to help her accomplish what it is that she wants to do. I am her biggest cheerleader (no, I don't dress up in the little uniform :) )

When it comes to comforting her, I keep my shoulder there as one that she can drench with tears, or just snuggle into. Some suggest that when it comes to issues and feelings, women feel things much more deeply. Imagine a rock. If you put it on the back of a rhinoceros, it would barely feel it (like most men). If you take the same rock and put it on a butterfly, it will crush it (much like many women). I try to be understanding to the things that my wife thinks and feels. I admit though, that sometimes I don't always understand why she feels that way she does. Sometimes, it is best to just listen, and not try to solve the problem.

As my pastor would say, "Happy wife, happy life." I fully agree. If happy is defined as being close to God, and feeling safe and secure in life, then if my wife is happy, many other things fall into place.

Three words that i think men forget once they are married are love, honour and cherish. People that renew their vows are amazing! All married people should do that. To love someone is not about a fuzzy feeling you get when they are around. It is an act of the will. I do get that fuzzy feeling with my wife, but I cannot rely on that to tell me if I love her. I love her because I choose to. To honour her is to treat her with respect, and to put her before myself. I need to learn sometimes to have more patience, and to treat her like my queen. And to cherish means to value something very highly. Sometimes I have not valued the woman that God had for me. God hand picked her for me, and had plans for me to accomplish with her. We are working together.

In the end all of this can be summarized in being selfless. I can give to her, and love her and encourage her, and not expect anything in return. But she loves me too, and so she tries to do all of the stuff I have been talking about for me as well.

Marriage is for a long time.... true marriage. I just pray that more men step up and take the responsibility that they should with the selfless love of a husband. They need to support their wives. They need to bring the best out of their wives until death do them part....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just little things....

It has been over a month since I have posted and I wanted to write something again. My problem has been that I get these moments of insight and I don't have a computer with my blog nearby. I was thinking this morning as I was walking into work about this sermon I heard where the preacher (Michael Rowan) spoke about something that he called the "Unsanctified Slide". It was the idea that where a parent lives in their walk with God, and with compromise that the children will follow along but farther behind. The number of times I have seen a parent that smokes say that they would never want their child to smoke, and then their kid smokes, is ridiculous. Parents, our kids follow our example. Recently I lost my cool with Logan. I snapped something at him, and with what I imagine is the same face that I had and with the same voice tone he yelled back at me. Parents, our kids follow our example.

Then I was thinking that there are some areas that I really need to tighten up on with my life to set an example for my kids. Do I want them to think that it is ok to lose their temper at the fall of a hat? No... Then I have to control mine. Do I want them to treat women with respect? Then I have to set that example with how I treat their mom.

God put his finger on some little things.... or so I thought were little things, and then I ran into this article. These are all things that I know, but they have not always been something that I have lived. Winkie Pratney speaks about how a true test of our faith does not come when we are at church in a mode of prayer and worship, but in the times where the unexpected happens. Some Christians will rip the face off of someone that they are playing a sport against. Traffic jams are an excellent test of patience. But those are just little things right?

Harmless Petty Sins? -- J.M. Njoroge

"A familiar fable tells of the hunter who lost his life to the leopard he himself had saved as a pet for his children when the leopard was just a cub. The moral of the story can be deduced easily from the title, Little Leopards Become Big Leopards, meaning that sin is easier to deal with before it becomes a habitual practice that eventually defines our lives.(1) Though the story as it stands is a beautiful illustration of a profound truth, there is a deeper lesson regarding the nature of sin that is easily concealed by this line of thinking and which, I believe, lies at the very essence of our call to Christ-likeness. The problem is that the parallel between little harmless leopard cubs and little harmless sins can be dangerously deceptive.

Whereas leopard cubs are indeed harmless, there is no stage of development at which sin can be said to be harmless, for individual acts of sin are merely the symptoms of the true condition of our hearts. It is not accidental that the call to Christian growth in the Scriptures repeatedly zeros-in on such seemingly benign “human shortcomings” as bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, slander, and malicious behavior (Ephesians 4:31). In his watershed address, The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus placed a great deal of emphasis on lust, anger, and contempt; behaviors and attitudes that would probably not rank high on our lists of problems in need of urgent resolution. Armed with firm and sometimes unconscious categories of serious versus tolerable sins, we gloss over lists of vices in the Scriptures because they seem to be of little consequence to life as we experience it.

But when we fail to grasp the subtleties of sin, we run the risk of rendering much of biblical wisdom irrelevant to our daily life and practice. While we appreciate the uniqueness and necessity of the sacrificial death of Jesus on our behalf, his specific teachings can at times appear to be farfetched and the emphasis misplaced. Does it not seem incredible that the God who made this world would visit it in its brokenness, dwell among us for over thirty years, and then leave behind the command that we must be nice to each other? Can the problems of the world really be solved by having people “turn the other cheek” and “get rid of anger and malice”? To quote a close friend, “Hello!”

Unfortunately, those “little” sins are not only the mere symptoms of a much bigger problem; they are also effective means of alienating us from God and other human beings. How many careers have been ruined only because of jealousy? How many people have been deprived of genuine help as a result of the seemingly side-comment of someone who secretly despised them? How many relationships have been destroyed by bitterness? How many churches have split up because of selfish ambitions couched in pietistic terms? How much evil has resulted from misinformation, a little coloring around the edges of truth? And have you noticed how much we can control other people just through our body language? From the political arena to the basic family unit, the worst enemy of human harmony is not spectacular wickedness but those seemingly harmless petty sins routinely assumed to be part of what it means to be human.

According to a NASA scientist, a two-degree miscalculation when launching a spacecraft to the moon would send the spacecraft 11,121 miles away from the moon: all one has to do is take time and distance into account.(2) How perceptive then was George MacDonald when he uttered these chilling words, “A man may sink by such slow degrees that, long after he is a devil, he may go on being a good churchman or a good dissenter, and thinking himself a good Christian”!(3) Similarly, C.S. Lewis warned that cards are a welcome substitute for murder if the former will set the believer on a path away from God. “Indeed,” he wrote, “the safest road to Hell is the gradual one--the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.”(4)

Now the decisive path out of this quandary is not just a greater resolve to be obedient to God. Such a response is usually motivated by guilt, and the duration of our effort will be directly proportional to the amount of guilt we feel: we will be right back where we started from when the guilt is no longer as strong. The appropriate response must begin with a greater appreciation of the holiness of God and a clear vision of life in Him. It is only along the path of Christ-likeness that the true nature of sin is revealed and its appeal blunted. Yes, brazen sinfulness is appallingly evil and destructive, but it only makes a louder growl in a forest populated by stealthier, deadly hunters masquerading as little leopards. It is no idle, perfunctory pastime to pray with King David:

Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Test me and know my thoughts.
Point out anything in me that offends you,
And lead me along the path of everlasting life (Psalm 139:23-24)."

(1) For example, Paul White’s, Little Leopards Become Big Leopards, published by African Christian Press.
(2) John Trent, Heartshift: The Two Degree Difference That Will Change Your Heart, Your Home, and Your Health (Nashville: Broadman and Holman Publishers, 2004), 17.
(3)George MacDonald, in George MacDonald: An Anthology by C. S. Lewis (New York: Dolphin Books, 1962), 118.
(4) C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters, in A C.S. Lewis Treasury: Three Classics in One Volume (New York: Harcourt & Company, 1988), 250.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I don't care....

I just had this thought one day recently when I said to someone, "I don't care...".  I don't know why that particular day was any different than most, but for some reason, I guess God saw me as teachable.  It wasn't just that one incident that I thought about, but as I kept going with my day, and the days that came after, I ran into the idea of the "I don't care" in several places.  I'm a Christian.  Should I not care?  Any act of love should come because I do care.

A Christian friend of mine was at his job.  I watched a few times as he interacted with his client.  He had become so frustrated with his clients that he was to the point of the "I don't care".  But then that raised some questions in my mind.  How would the person that he was interacting with feel?  How did that represent the job that he was doing as a representative of the company he was working with?  How did that reflect on the people that might know him as a follower of Christ?  How would Jesus be represented by him with the "I don't care" attitude?

Not to point a finger because then I started to notice the "I don't care" in areas of my life.  My son would whine something that he wanted to do, and in exasperation I would say, "I don't care....".  Something would come up between my wife and I, and there were those little words again, "I don't care".  

What does "I don't care" really mean?  If you think about it for a minute, it is so selfish.  I don't care.  You are sharing something with me, or you are expressing an idea to me, and I couldn't care less about what you think or feel.  What I want is what matters.  I have pushed aside your thoughts and feelings with little or no consideration.  It is all about me getting what I want.  ME!

So I had some self examination to do.  I had to pray about patience.  I had to pray about learning to love others AGAIN.  Some things will just always be something to learn over and over.  I had to pray for wisdom to try to learn tact when speaking into people's lives.  Some people will hear, but others just KNOW that they know everything.  I'm just learning in so many areas, but I have learned so much in my life through my own mistakes and experience and that of other people.  

In reality, I DO care, or I would not do so many of the things that I do.  I live through a lot of frustration for the cause of Christ.  Working with people can be trying at times.  They all have their own agenda.  Getting people to support a common goal is tough.  Showing them love and caring about their well-being is incredibly hard.  Sometimes in frustration when we say that we don't care, we need to really stop and see that we DO care.

Just some thoughts....

Monday, August 25, 2008

The CRY: Abortion

A key issue surrounding the CRY this time was that of abortion.  It wasn't really what all of the event was about, but there was significant discussion and prayer about this issue.

One of the men on the worship team got up, identified himself as a Catholic, and went on to tell his story about how he pressured his ex-girlfriend to abort her baby (his child).  She plunged into depression and drug addiction after her abortion.  He talked about the difference that he now saw in life.  When his girlfriend was pregnant, he was not just a potential father, he was a father already.

During a part of the day where the First Nations people were doing some prayers, one of the women that stood on the platform told us a story about her mother.  On the day JFK was assassinated, her mother was on her way to abort her baby.  She was so distraught about all that was going on with the President, that she went to her sisters house.  In the process of speaking to her sister, her plans to abort her baby came up, and her sister was able to talk her out of it.  The woman telling the story identified herself as the one her mother was going to abort, but she chose not to.  This woman felt that God had restored her mother.  She was born on Mother's Day.

The most poignant part of the day with respect to abortion was that of the Life Siege.  All the people on the Hill were given a piece of red tape with the word Life/Vie written on it.  We all took it and taped over our mouth with it.  The idea was that we were silently praying on behalf of the unborn.  It was very symbolic and moving.  For 15 minutes we prayed in the direction of the Supreme Court.  15 minutes was towards the House of Commons, and 15 minutes was in the direction of the Senate.  Several people were deeply impacted.  Several people had old wounds healed.  Leigh-Anne took some very cool pictures.

The next day at church we found out about someone that was deeply touched by the experience.  He was asked to share what he had gone through in the past.  He was impacted by the man that stood up and spoke about being a father already.  In this man's life (the guy from my church) he had gotten into drug and alcohol addiction.  He admitted through tears about having pressured 4 women into abortions.  He found comfort in the fact that he would see those innocent children in heaven.  "Honey, when we get to heaven we're going to have 6 kids", he said as he left the platform.

One thing that this giving the Order of Canada to Morgentaler  has done is remind people how they feel about abortion.  It still hurts.  It still brings a sense of injustice.  People seem to have such a passionate view one way or the other.  When we live in a country like Canada where there is no abortion law, the church must stand up on behalf of those that cannot speak for themselves... the unborn... the innocent...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sometimes you just need a good CRY!

I was involved with something on Saturday August 23rd, 2008.  It was called the CRY.  It was about young people of the Christian faith getting together to pray and cry out for Canada.  Some may read some of what I write about over the next few entries, but these will be some of my reflections of what I saw and experienced.

The body of Christ has a chance at true unity.  I saw and was a part of this event.  Involved also were people from other evangelical churches, people from other parts of Protestantism, people from the messianic Jewish community, and people from the Catholic church.  There were French, English, Metis, Inuit, and other First Nations people.  There were national leaders, a letter from the Prime Minister blessing us in our event, and a minister of Parliament.

All people cheered on, and prayed as Jesus was preached, and as issues like abortion, and pornography were prayed against, all in attendance for the Rally agreed.  We began the day on the Quebec side, in Jacques Cartier Park, and part way through the day we marched across the bridge to Parliament Hill.  

I saw people praying from deep within them.  I saw people praying in symbolic ways (One woman had a small Canadian flag and a Quebec flag and was praying over them.  Several First Nations people came in full dress that they had consecrated to God.  Their stories were incredible.)  We did something called a Life Siege (which I will talk about in a different post), and we got burned to a crisp in the heat.  (I look like a raccoon)

My point for this post is just to say that if that diverse of a group can meet together to pray, and seek God for Canada, then why not all of us.  People put aside their differences and worshipped God.  We all do things a bit differently, but God is not wrapped up in a denomination.  His church is those that follow after Him, and choose to follow after His example.

More soon....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wow... That was loud!

Let me just begin by saying that this entry may end up all over the place.... much like my Friday night to Saturday morning.  

Sometimes living Infuzion is about having ministry events that are a bit of a calculated risk.  We had an event with the girls from Infuzion.  We called it "An Evening of Honour".  We had the girls that were available sleep over.  Leigh-Anne had some crafts for them to do.  We played some video games.  We watched a movie.  We ate pizza and chips.  I guess we never did get to the nachos (Sorry M)

I saw this as a positive event, and I think there were a lot of issues spoken of (mostly in our fun time), and we got to know each of these young women better.  They all have such potential and such energy.  We also had some time to talk to them about the way our culture tries to define what is beautiful, and then we talked about what the Bible said about what true beauty was.

1 Peter 3:3, 4 says:
Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.

There was quite the discussion from all of them about how people at school were, and how people were treating others and how people responded to feedback on clothes and peer pressure to dress in certain ways.  This is just the first of many ways to reinforce that it's ok to try to look your best, but if your character stinks, how do you take a shower to get rid of the AO (Attitude Odour)?

There were a few points where I sat and thought to myself, "What have I gotten myself into?"  There was screaming and giggling and laughing and they loved Casey's toys.  These 9/10 ish girls kept playing with toys aimed at a 6 month old child.

At one point the room sort of took control of itself.  There were markers being used to draw mustaches on each other.  Some of the drew armpit hair in.  Some wrote words on their arms.  Good thing they were water based markers.  It took them a little bit of time to get them to clean off.  Some wanted to go outside and show people.  We nixed that idea.  

The decibel level in my house with that many girls was incredible!  How could such tiny people make such huge noise?  They worry about the weirdest things.  They rearranged who they were going to put their sleeping bag beside several times.  They were fascinated by Nestea water-bottle crystals.  They like extremely plain pizza.  They don't like popcorn.  They have siblings that drive them nuts, but still they love them.  They loved my swords and lightsabers.  They were ok at Wii Bowling, and seemed to struggle with Mario Kart Wii.  They loved the little glow in the dark bracelets we gave them.  They love to express themselves.  They all wanted our attention at the same time.  They got along.  Put Logan or Casey into the middle of it and the energy was greater.  Casey sort of wanted to stay back out of it though.  He was best, just off sitting with Mommy or Daddy.  He had this look on his face that just expressed confusion, and uneasiness.  "Mom, you never told me that the human voice could be so loud!"

I think there is really no way I can express all of what I saw this weekend.  I still shudder to think that at some point I will be crazy enough to do that again.  It was fun in a scary kind of way.

Leigh-Anne and I spent time loving and pouring into each of them where they were at.  What an incredible group of young women!  Get ready world, here they come and you better brace yourself!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Millions... Of years.... Ago.... (Let's all bow together)

Earlier this week, we took Logan to the Museum of Nature, you know, the castle museum in downtown Ottawa.  We thought it would be a good thing to take him to see.  He loves dinosaurs.  He loves animals.  There is a lot of the building that you can't even get into right now.  They are doing a big renovation of the museum.  It does look like it will be very cool when it is done.

I found the place very disturbing though.  For those that don't know, I tend to lean towards Intelligent Design or even Biblical Creation as the theory of choice for the origin of the universe.  I have been studying the issue for about 20 years, so it is not that I haven't run into these things before.

I guess what got to me was that several million dollars were being pumped into this place for the "worship" of the theory of evolution.  There were several things that I saw that threw out the caution flags in the way that some of the things were presented.  Maybe it is me being the natural skeptic, but if you want me to buy into this whole theory of evolution, you're going to have to show me some good solid evidence.  With the way that museums are done now, you never know what things are real, what things are replicas, and what things are diagrams or models from someone's imagination to illustrate what they think MIGHT have happened, but is presented as what DID happen.

The dinosaur display was much better than when I was a kid.  It used to be one small room with some bones around the outside and a main skeleton in the centre of the room.  Now there are three or four main rooms.  One has some extrapolated replica dinosaurs, one has some "transitional" skeletons.  There was an elevated area with more "prehistoric" stuff, and there was a big room with some INCREDIBLE skeletons.

So much of it was presented as fact, when there is NO WAY anyone could "know" what happened millions or billions of years ago.... if such history even existed.  No matter your worldview about origins, it comes down to faith and our best guess based on what we can see today.  I was disturbed to see some people just swallow the whole thing hook, line and sinker.  Where is the skepticism that they would have put forth if they were in a creation museum?  Where is the critical thinker?

Let me be honest.  I believe in a literal 6 day creation 10,000 years ago.  I have answered several questions that I had in my own mind, and I still have many questions to find answers to.  My faith is in the Bible.

Most of this debate has nothing to do with where people think that they came from.  It seems to focus more along where you want to live your life on the line of morality.  No God = no rules (But don't let me catch you saying that there can't be a God because of all the evil in the world though.)  God = He makes the rules.  And people have several different views in between.  

Anyways... Think... ask questions.... Don't assume that a museum designer has it all.  Textbooks are rarely accurate.  I can remember my science teachers telling us in class that things were not correct in the textbooks.  There are many perspectives.  

Oh, and I can't stand that "Darwin" sticker that makes fun of the Christian Ichthus fish.  One of the staff members at the museum had one.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I have a theory…. Has sex become God?

People in our culture worship sex.  Sex has become God, and it seems that the more secular the culture gets, and the farther away from relationship with God the society gets, the more it puts sex in God’s place.    The more people put faith in a Godless creation and strengthen evolution’s hold, the less value there seems to be on life.  It is a slippery slope.  If people believe there is no God, then things that just a few years ago were respected, are just walked over and trampled under foot.  Things that used to be considered sacred no longer muster the respect that past generations gave them.  If there is no God, and nothing is above the human race, then why bother?  People then are free to pursue pleasure for pleasure’s sake. 

Sex seems to be the pleasure of choice for most that live in this world view.  All things revolve around the lead up to the next time (or the first time) and there seem to be few rules.  Practice safe sex.  What does that really mean?  If you live in the worldview where sex is a toy it means that you wear a condom to be safe.  If you live in the Godly worldview then safe sex means waiting until you are married and staying faithful to one person (of the opposite sex) until death do you part. 

Look at all the things around, and how much money is made or spent around the sex act.  TV commercials thrive on the slogan “sex sells” and it really does sell.  People see no problem with indulging in lust as they view a person half naked for a shower soap commercial.  Gum commercials seem to focus on having fresh breath only so you can “make out”.  Is that the only time people should have fresh breath?  What about when in a car beside someone driving?  What about after eating onions?  What about when you are praying with someone?  There is nothing like praying with someone that seems to edge on the whole Hallelujah Halitosis.

Some of these body spray/deodourant commercials should be sued for false advertising.  Most people wear deodourant.  Of all of those people, how many people have had some perfect stranger go running at them in pursuit of  “sex now” when they walk in the room?  How many of them have had some random person start dancing inappropriately in the grocery store to get their attention?  Come on!

Now there is an ice cream company on the radio that does a whole monologue where they insert the product name in where they imply you should replace it with the word ‘sex’.  How desperate are they to sell their ice cream?  Can ice cream really be that powerful?

New technology is almost always used as a part of the worship in the lust for sex.  I think at one point I had heard that the Internet was 80% pornography.  I know that number has gone down since then because other companies and businesses have gotten online, but still it is tough to navigate the web without running into an ad for a screensaver with a woman in a swimsuit, or a link to a dating service marketed on it’s ability to find people one night stands.  You can’t really predict it.  As a man striving to do things God’s way shutting down a window becomes an art form in speed.  I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust at a woman…. I think I read that somewhere before (Job 31:1)

Let’s not even get into the really trashy stuff that is on the net.  Suffice it to say that the junk is out there.  People can’t get enough of it.  Young women ruin their lives for a bit of money… How sad!  Some think that it is a good way to pay for college, and end up selling themselves like prostitutes.  They think they are safe because the man is on the other end of the webcam watching in carnality.  Safe sex?  Or virtual prostitute?  Too bad virtue was not on either of the minds of the people involved.  Magazines, sex toys, movies… The list just keeps going on.  For those that have seen, and have come to salvation, they wish they could burn the images out of their mind.

There are so many other things people do to chase after the ultimate sexual experience.  Certain foods are supposed to enhance their performance.  Pills, which seem to be advertised daily in junk e-mail make the process last longer some say.  The right alcohol mix in some gets the process started. 

TV shows broadcast it like people can have sex with anyone, and there are few consequences.  Don’t even get me going on the topic of soap operas.  One musician put it, when describing soaps, “Every immorality known to man, done by everybody, to each other, every day, all within and hour… Hey what a deal!”  He was being sarcastic of course, and was in no way endorsing soaps.  Sometimes the shift in morality is subtle.  Shows that begin as wholesome slowly over their 7-year-run get darker and to keep ratings up, add sensuality.  Sometimes it is overt, and sudden.  Dive for the remote!  (Those of you that choose not to worship the god of sex)

Forty years ago there was a shift in the culture.  In 1967 there was a shift towards free “love” (more in the line of lust and sex outside of God’s plan), and towards sexuality that was open, flagrant, without limits.  The Bible, in the 10 Commandments says that we, as people, are not to have any gods, before God (Yahweh, the God of the Bible), and that we are not to make idols to worship.  Most people when they think of the idea of an idol, they think of something out of an Indiana Jones movie, a little gold statue, or a Buddha with his big belly to rub for luck, but really what is an Idol?  It is something set up to worship, that takes the place of the real God. 

As people moved from the idea of worship of God, and from a close relationship with Him, other things fell into that place of worship.  In 1962, kids prayed every morning in the classrooms of the United States.  “Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon thee, and beg for thy blessing upon us, our parents, our teachers and our country.”  They prayed that every day.  In Canada, I can remember back in grade 3 and 4 (in the early 1980’s) praying the Lord’s Prayer every morning in my classrooms.  I can remember receiving a New Testament in my Public school classroom in grade 5.  (From what I understand, they still receive the New Testament in the Catholic school board, but they are not allowed to read it in class, and in the public school board, young people have to have their parents sign that they want the New Testament, or they don’t get it.)  If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny… “Dear parent, we request that you respond to this letter.  A group of people will be distributing a piece of religiously specific literature in the classroom next week.  Do you consent to your child receiving this book?  We cannot name the item as it does not comply with the school’s code of tolerance.  Suffice it to say that it is not Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist….”  The reply goes , “Dear school, I do consent to my child receiving this book if nothing else but to figure out what the heck you are talking about.”

Slowly, but surely there does seem to be a push to remove the traces of the Christian roots of Canada.  There is a strong Christian root in this… in our culture, and there are pieces of evidence for it all over the place.  History books are filled with people motivated by their faith, that set the moral standards of our culture in government, in business, in education, and in the arts/media. 

But now there is a strong push for all things Christian to be removed.  We live under things called tolerance and political correctness.  All religions are acceptable EXCEPT Christianity.  All things religious have been pushed and manipulated into “That’s just your philosophical view”, or “No one can ever know if they are 100% right, so my view is just as valid as your view.”, or “That may work, for you, but this works for me.  I have a god I am ok with.  You worship your god, I’ll worship mine.”  Listening to Josh McDowell recently, he spoke about the process that a pilot goes through before take off in their plane.  Can they ever be 100% sure that the plane will not crash? Obviously, no.  But does that mean that they won’t check out the plane before they take off?  Definitely, NO!  When it comes to one faith versus another, would you check out the facts and the evidence to see if what you are going to believe in is true?  Or do you have it backwards, and say that something is true because you believe it?

Listening recently to a preacher named, Stuart McAllister as he was addressing this idea that far too many people have about the truth not being attainable.  His attitude was that finding the truth is hard work.  Just because something is hard, it doesn’t mean that it should not be done.  So what has been the result of the sexual revolution?  What is the result of the worship of sex in this culture?  We do have to face the truth.  Of the people that read this, and try to live a life as God would have them live it, how many have been exposed to the following terms? Tantric sex, safe sex, casual sex, sex toys, cyber sex, softcore porn, hardcore porn, internet porn, adultery, infidelity, rape, date rape, spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven, sympathy sex, one night stand, cheating, emotional adultery, flirting, kiss on the first date?, sleep together on the first date?, blind date, lust, abortion, AIDS, sexually transmitted disease, French kiss….. I could go on and on with this list, but I will stop there just so that nothing gets too vulgar.  Even those that have lived a life waiting until marriage will encounter many of these terms without trying.

Since there is a push to remove genuine relationship with God, and to experience His reality, the shift has now moved to the worship of sexuality, and in many cases with little or no thought about the consequences of the participants.  If people do not have a framework of right and wrong, then they tend to move towards depravity.  They indulge in lust and selfishness.  When all they see and watch focuses them on having sex, getting sex, finding someone to have sex with.  What good reason do they have to abstain if there is no God? 

I wholeheartedly believe that the evidence of life points towards a God, and the history and archeology seem to point to the God of the Bible.  On the other hand, Sex is what most people believe is the ultimate in human experience.  Diving into sex with no understanding of the depth of intimacy it is designed by God to have, and not knowing the rules He set up for our safety has lead many people to great hurt and disillusionment.  

Who would have thought that I would be hearing about the idea of “Making Out” being applied to someone in grade one, or to a girl of the age of 12 getting pregnant?  The shift that has been moving slowly for decades is hitting our culture hard.  Let’s go through some of the history of it….

In the late 60’s there was a big shift in culture.  The sexual revolution began.  It was all about free love, and empowerment of woman to be able to be sexual and overt like men were.  The thought seems to have been to bring people closer together by being free with sexuality.  It abandoned the ideas of their traditional parents who still believed that right and wrong were unchanging.  The young people moved towards the attitude that said, “away with right and wrong, just ‘love’ everyone”!  But what was love to them?

The 70’s had the repercussions of the 60’s.  People still saw marriage as the right way to go, but there was some allowance for sex with people that you loved.  Watching some 70’s TV in reruns and understanding more now than I would have back then, I see this attitude of guilt in it.  People were having sex outside of marriage, but there was also this attitude that they had to hide that they were doing it.  They knew it was wrong, but did it anyways.  The idea of homosexuality seems to have crept into TV in this decade too.  Absolute truth seems to be only held by Old People, and young people on TV agree with their elders to their face and then behind their back do whatever they want.

The 80’s are huge with terms like ‘common-law marriage’, and ‘casual sex’, and you start hearing about young people wanting to lose their virginity.  It seems to be a prize to be held to the girl, and a prize to be lost to the young men.  Divorce rates edge higher.  You see the big push for the woman in the workplace, and children letting themselves in, and being alone until mom and dad get home from work.  Relationship in the family moves towards a weaker spot.  Women could do anything they wanted except the one thing they really wanted to do, raise a family, and in the 80’s the idea of STD’s got the spotlight.  Now there was this super disease that no one knew what to do with called AIDS.  Safe sex is the response, not increase in morality… Big mistake.

In the 90’s the Internet really took off.  As I was saying above when a new technology comes out, it seems that the sale of sex follows it, and the Net sprouted many new sites to quietly, and with anonymity, hook men (Mostly men, but some women) to pornography.  It used to be that people wanting pornography had to go to the corner store and hope for a brown bag to cover up their magazine, or they had to go to the shop on the corner with the frosted window to hope no one saw their dirty little secret.  Now they could sit down at their computer, and with a bit of credit card information they could view the images when it was convenient, and they were alone to indulge in the sin of lust.

Internet chatting has become incredibly popular in this time as well, and along with it comes the idea of people chatting either to line up anonymous sex, or for play.  The number of marriages I have heard of that have taken a hit from one partner getting hooked into an emotional affair, or people developing a physical affair through chat rooms, is sickening.  Marriages have been destroyed because of it.

The 90’s also brought out much in the way of subjective truth  (This concept has been around for a long time, but really got a push in the culture in the 90’s… oh, and wait to see the push in the new millennium.)  Basically people seem to think that something is true if you believe it, rather than (the more logical) I want to believe something because it is true.  Of course that opens up the idea that people can be as sexual as they want, with whomever they want, if they are one that believes that their own personal view is more important than what is true.  Either God spells out Truth, or man determines truth.  Most people want to set up their own set of rules.

When we hit the year 2000, as it was presented in my grade school years, everything became perfect….. Ok, so that thought from the 80’s didn’t come true… The new century brought with it more watering down of right and wrong.  Homosexuality seems to have come to the forefront.  If you believed the marketing, everyone is gay.  In reality that community is a small percentage of the population.  Kids in my day grew up and assumed that they would marry someone of the opposite sex, where now people present the idea of experimenting to see what you like.  I don’t think I have seen women more exploited than in this current decade.  Since there is no moral compass to the majority of people, sex is seen as a toy, or a bargaining chip, or a power play to control people.  It is really gross when you hear about what some people are willing to attempt sexually for the purpose of a dollar.  There is such loneliness in young people, and they congregate in places where they are accepted.   

It is also quite gross what people are willing to do for what they perceive to be love.  Sex is not love.  Love is selfless, and not about what you get out of it, but what you give.  The idea that love is selfless has been tossed out by many and more hurt has happened because of this all being backwards.  Do you think that if a person is suddenly incapable of the sexual act, that it means you can leave them?  Love would stick by them while lust would try to find “a new best friend”.  Young women growing up in single parents homes, with little interaction from a father, and with no positive role models of manhood, seem to tend towards throwing themselves at guys to get the affection that they crave.

Movies are the church of the modern world (an idea put out by George Lucas), but what is the stuff that gets produced and screened?  It is the stuff that indulges in what the Bible would call wickedness.  It is, however, fiction.  This world of fiction is intense in stirring up the emotions of people.  Sexuality is practiced with little to no consequences, and is portrayed in a way that suggests that you MUST have sex to live.  Can you look at a person and be able to tell if they are, or are not having sex?  NO!  Can you look at a person and tell if they are or are not eating?  Or breathing?  YES!  Over long periods of time people that do not eat, tend to lose weight.  Think of pictures you have seen of young women that have anorexia.  You can tell.  They have not been eating.  And why do they have this disorder?  From trying to look skinnier, so they can attract people to be able to have a boyfriend.  (among many other reasons.  I know, there is more to it in many cases)

There is also a push to do things based on what feels good.  I hope some people will sit and think about the dangerous nature of doing things based on feelings.  Take a simple example… some days people wake up in the morning, and want a bowl of cereal.  But yet another morning, people wake up and say, I don’t feel like cereal today, I feel like a chocolate bar.  What would happen if they always felt like a chocolate bar?  How healthy would they be?  Now what about a person that has been ridiculed at school many days in a row?  What if they wake up one morning and say, “I feel like killing those people that made fun of me.”  How proper is that?   (Or as recently a man stabbed another man over 40 times in a bus in Manitoba and then cut off his head.  What was he feeling?)

To all of you people that would argue that people all are entitled to their own set of moral standards, and that people have to do things that are right for them, then you have a logical issue that needs to be overcome.  If you agree that each person’s view is as valuable as the next person, then you must conclude that when you hear about school shootings, that those young men are heroes!  They were following their own code of right and wrong.  Obviously, people are not willing to agree with that, so there must be some standard of right and wrong.  I guess the problem comes in when it is our personal desire that is the thing that the standard says is immoral.  I’ll go back to this soon.

In this time, there seems to be a push on young people aged 9 – 12.  It is like marketers know that if they can hook them onto their product now, they will have them for the rest of their lives.  From a Christian perspective for a moment, this is also the age where young people are able to most strongly root their faith in Jesus Christ.  To those preaching the Gospel, this is an important time in the spiritual development of a young person.  It is like how a child, in the first 6 years of their life is developing who they are going to be, so also is a young person in this age for the things of God.  (Not to say that people can’t get saved after this age)

There is something called “Age Compression Marketing”.  Basically, the stuff that before was aimed at people in their early teens, is now aimed at kids between 9 and 12.  Much of what is being sold to them is overtly sexual, but in many cases the young people do not realize what is being sold to them, or the implications that go with the things they are buying.  Some of the slogans that you see on the T-Shirts of young girls are things that make me wonder about the parenting skills of these moms and dads that would allow their girl outside with something so suggestive.  Really, most of these young women don’t realize the message they are sending out to the people around them.  There seems to be a dulling of the importance of sexual purity.  Some people don’t even know what that means anymore.  When you have the “teen” magazines telling girls that they should not have sex with someone until they are sure that they love them, and you have boys finding their way onto free porn websites getting “turned on” without the effort of love, or the security of a committed, married relationship, this is not a good situation.  Sex has become like a toy.  Most young people don’t know why they want sex, or even if they want it, but (especially from the perspective of young girls) they do want the attention.

What kind of example has the adult world set for kids?  Divorce rates are through the roof, both inside the church and outside the church.  Sexual immorality is rampant in the church, and commitment to relationships are sketchy at best.  When pop culture keeps emphasizing “just do what feels good” no wonder people violate their marriages.  Sex feels good, but it was designed by God for the strengthening of marriage and the building of a family.  It is not something that should be shared between all people.  Imagine a world where marriages lasted for life, people stayed faithful to their spouse, and husbands guarded their eyes from things that would cause them to lust.  I am considered to be the odd ball because I have never been to a strip club, and because I respect my wife by not checking out the “sunshine girl”. 

The very act of sex has been reduced to an animal instinct.  People use that as an excuse all the time.  If you believe that you evolved from animals, then of course the leap to instinct is not far.  If you believe that God created you, then knowing that he has established boundaries for sex is a good thing.  These conflicting worldviews are always at war.  With all of the hurt, and disease, and broken homes and hurt wives from husbands with pornography addictions, and kids learning sexuality in a way that puts them at risk, does it not make sense that something is wrong?  Can’t people see it?  Rather than dealing with the issue of faithfulness in marriage, people just find ways around the boundaries God set.  This is not just a guy issue either.  Women struggle with this too. 

Even consider the idea of abortion.  People have sex outside of the standard God set, and when they get pregnant, they kill the child of their union.  Sometimes it is to hide an infidelity, or out of convenience, and sometimes it is just due to a lack of moral fibre.  Why should that child be killed for the purpose of convenience?  Why should it’s potential be snuffed out.  I hear some liberal thinkers argue that there are a whole bunch of unwanted children out there, and that rather than having unwanted children living in the foster system, we should abort them in pregnancy.  Somehow I think they misdiagnosed the problem.  If people only had sex in marriage, would there be so many people scrambling to hide their sin?

And let’s put all the pro-choice people to the test.  This is a little off topic, but I think it bears a look.  Recently I was reading an opinion piece written by a doctor suggesting that mothers that know that they are having conjoined twins should be required to abort them.  He actually suggested that the government should be given the authority to make the decision that a baby should have to die.  This is the opposite side of the coin, and the implications are huge.  Now rather than having a mother choose to kill her child, and call it abortion, the government could remove her right to choose and kill it for her.  This is not the current law, but was what this doctor was suggesting.  How far should it go?  Should it just be conjoined twins that this force is there for?  What about a Downes Syndrome child?  Should they be allowed to live?  What about a blind child?  To quote an old Carman song, when he was talking about abortion, “It’s selective breeding.  We eliminate human life in the name of convenience, like the Nazi’s and the Jews and with the government’s approval.”  Why should someone be able to decide the life or death of an innocent child?  Just because life may be hard, it does not give people the right to kill.  Each life is planned and created by God.

Bottom line, people need to stop worshipping sex, and refocus on the God that gave them life.  They need to acknowledge that he is the one that gave people the gift of sex, and he set up boundaries to keep his children safe.  Just because something can be done, does not necessarily mean that it should be done.  Get you life right.  Worship God.  The consequences of the worship of sex go beyond the life here.  If you live in your sins, you will be judged based on God’s standards.

(After I posted this the first time, someone sent me this to add)

Check out this quote from Peter Kreeft, Catholic theologian and philosopher:

"Where can the world find infinite passion without God? The obvious alternative is sex. Sexual passion is modernity's substitute for religious passion. Saint Thomas expalins that "man cannot live without joy. That is why one deprived of spiritual joys goes over to carnal pleasures" (ST II-II, 35, 4ad2).

We Christians are accused of being 'rigid' in our mind (our doctrines and principles) by those who seek this property only in a lower organ. There are ten commandments, not just one, but the modern mind has only one infininte passion and projects its passion onto the Church, accusing us of being fixated on sex. It's like a teenager on drugs complaining to his parents, who gently disapprove once in a blue moon, 'You're always harping on that!'

Any addiction blinds the mind, including the addiction to sex. Paul Johnson, in his book 'Intellectuals', and E. Michael Jones, in 'Degenerate Moderns' have documented how most modern ideology came from sexual deviants and their deviance."