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I have many hats that I wear. I am a husband and father. I am pastor/teacher at my church. I am part of a team working on a large project at work. I am a friend. I am a budding visionary. I am a writer, an actor, and a director. I am an artist. I am a student of the Bible. I have a brain that comes up with some pretty crazy and interesting ideas, and I have a personality to match. I try to treat all people how I would like to be treated. I strive to be steadfast, immovable in my faith. I seek after the TRUTH, and I believe that it can be found, not just 'from my perspective', but for all people.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I don't know about you, but in my neighbourhood, at least once (if not more) in any given two week period, we encounter them.... The energy peddling agents. They knock at your door as if they are the first person to ever present you with the idea of signing on with an energy company. No matter what you say, it seems that they will not go away. I guess that is the life of a door to door sales person, "Don't take no for an answer." I have tried polite, and I have tried being rude. Recently, one knocked at my door. If the front door is closed we just ignore it, but this day the door was open. He knew someone was home. I saw him, I saw the tell-tale clip board and the ID badge hanging from his jacket. Of course, he was all smiles. He began his speech and I cut him off. I told him that I had already signed on with an energy company. He kept going in the usual script about wanting to see my bill. I cut him off again. I said, "Look, since I moved to this house, I have been harrassed by what seems like 15,000 people asking me to do this. When I say that I am done, then I'm done." I was angry. I can't stand this confrontation. You'd think that I would be better at it by now. I finished, "...I'm done", and there was Logan right there saying, "Yeah, I'm done too." Ouch. This was one of those moments where you freeze in time for a moment, and realize what just happened. What was I teaching my son? What did he just see me do to a stranger? What kind of example did I set for him? I left the door because the seller was gone. I stopped and prayed, "God, please give me wisdom to know how to handle these people in the future, and help me to be a better example to my son." One thing that I have noticed in being a parent, is that I have to watch what I say. I have a little sponge that repeats everything he hears. If I say things in anger, or that are rude, there is a good chance I will hear those same things shot back at me sometime soon. Thank you God for my little mirror of words.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What messages are you getting?

Anyone that really knows me knows that I am a person that believes in the Bible, and specifically in the account of creation. My purpose today is not to get into that debate. If you really want to get into issues about whether the creationist view is plausible, check out somewhere like Answers in Genesis.

What I want to do is start to play a bit of a game with those of you that read this blog. Everytime you catch a reference to the theory of evolution in the TV or movie or commercial or whatever media you are using, note it and send it to me. I'm not looking for the obvious ones (Eg: a dinosaur show on Discovery Channel), I'm looking for the subtle ones like the dinosaur bone found in Bob the Builder where they say it was from millions of years ago.

See what you can come up with.... Let's all play spot the evolution, but then take a minute to think about the implications of what message is being taught, especially in shows for kids or young people.

You can post them here on my blog or send them to me via email. See who can find some things the fastest.