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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What?!? Really?!? Wouldn't want to watch that!

Fireproof.... The movie... I haven't seen it yet, but the content and the promos suggest to me that I am going to enjoy it. My wife has also read the book, and she has been pretty impressed... But two things:

First, I just heard a story about a pastor in this city that went to go rent the film at the local video store and the clerk stopped him at the cash warning him that there was a very religious theme to the film.

So what you mean to tell me is that you can go out to the video store and rent a film with adultery, abuse, swearing, brutal/graphic violence, sexuality, fornication, rape, murder, torture, the occult, witchcraft, sorcery, lying, cheating, manipulation, greed, jealousy or any other of a list of other things and no one will say anything. I have rented several movies in my life and never has anyone stopped me and tried to warn me about the content. How odd? Is that what it means to be a Chistian? You go to rent a film that shows your faith, and it is assumed that you don't want to see that? You must be warned that there is "religious content"? Not sure how you see this one, but I would have called the manager over, and asked if this is standard policy for his store, and pursued the matter until they saw the point. Sheesh!

Second, I heard about a review of the film from an obvious non-believer, where he rated the film as too long, too religious, and not worth seeing. It promoted the idea that marriages could be fixed by believing in God. Sort of a misnomer though. Belief in God does not make a marriage. I guess also as evidence the reporter can point at the church and say, look! The divorce rate in the church is the same as the divorce rate in those that are unchurched. And I guess he would have a point there. But I suggest that this just shows that belief in God does not make a marriage. There is a big difference between believing in God and surrendering your life to what He has for you.

A healthy marriage is based on God, the standard set in the Bible, mutual submission to each other, and submission to God. It is "until death do us part". It takes work. It cannot survive on the warm-fuzzy feelings. There are days where you don't even think about warm fuzzy feelings. It has to be based on the Bible's definition of love. Love is something you choose to do, not something you fall into. It takes work. It is selfless. In a world where we tend to focus on what we want for ourselves out of life, it takes real love to choose to get married. That means that you try to put the other person's needs first.

When it comes to this film, from what L-A tells me, there will be some toes stepped on. There will be some people that will not be up for the challenge. There will be those that will be offended.

Should you be warned about this film? Yes, if you have the guts to face some things, and to take a look at yourself and how you perceive others, then watch the film.

Don't say I didn't warn you.