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I have many hats that I wear. I am a husband and father. I am pastor/teacher at my church. I am part of a team working on a large project at work. I am a friend. I am a budding visionary. I am a writer, an actor, and a director. I am an artist. I am a student of the Bible. I have a brain that comes up with some pretty crazy and interesting ideas, and I have a personality to match. I try to treat all people how I would like to be treated. I strive to be steadfast, immovable in my faith. I seek after the TRUTH, and I believe that it can be found, not just 'from my perspective', but for all people.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008... down to the last few hours....

I just wanted to note for the purpse of this blog where things were when the end of 2008 came. What a year it has been! I just watched the year in review on A-channel. So much has happened in Ottawa, and the world.

We sit on the edge of economic uncertainty. We hear of wars and rumours of wars in the Middle East. Canadian troops are still fighting in Afganistan. The Parliament is prorogued until the New Year.

I have to sit and look at me though. Where have I been through this year? I have seen many people make advances in their lives. I have seen others fall back. I have made my own advances, and have managed to keep the falling back to a minimum. Still through it all I try to focus on God and what He has for me. I still have many ideas of things to do. I still feel like there is a lot to do in the city.

As this new season of 2009 begins, I will hold the course and keep going....

Happy New Year all!!!